Hi! Welcome to Oui’d Cafe, where we encourage you to expand your mind, nourish your body and enhance your mood. Our story starts with the culinary adventures of my late grandpa, who brought an innovative style of recipe writing to the world. His idea was to help linear thinkers (and men) get more comfortable in the kitchen to shoulder some of the domestic labor for their partners.

My grandpa’s recipe flow charts, typed out via typewriter by my mom, are the heart and soul of Oui’d Cafe. He passed away before this project was fully realized, but his love for innovation lives on through the stories about his life, projects and inventions, and now this website. My goal is to build on his clever method, making it super easy to follow recipes, especially when you’re in the mood for a little herbal enhancement.

I’m not a chef, just a girl who likes oui’d, making snacks and sharing food. Join me in exploring the comforting rituals of cooking and community.

XX, Meredith Zoe

meredith zoe